For any organization, regardless of their size or the particular industry in which they operate, customer is always the most important stakeholder. In corporate organizations who handle larger clients who bring in loads of revenue to the company, a special level of attention must be given to handling them and for attracting and convincing similar potential clients to sustain future business for the company. This requires the managers to get directly involved in the process of dealing with these key customers and entertaining them within the boundaries of corporate policies to develop friendly relationships that go beyond business, which develops trust between the two parties. However, making the decision of how a manager must do this has become more complicated than ever before, because of the complexity of customers and the tight budget allocation for the purpose by companies.

Discussed in this article are three great methods in which your business can attract and retain a valued set of buyers through some brilliant ways of entertaining them.

A friendly game of tennis

For a long time, corporate entities have gone with dining and wining to entertain their business clients and it has paid off in many occasions. However, the buyers today are simply too tired of these mainstream types of entertainment and they are always excited by an opportunity to talk business over something more fun and exciting. A friendly game of tennis is always a great idea because it gives you an opportunity to impress the customer with a few good moves and create a relaxed and casual setting, ideal for gaining a positive response from them. Lay the ground by maybe purchasing a couple of Australian Open tickets for you and the client, where you can tell them about the idea and make the plans.

An office party

Because all corporate entities are trying their best to impress the important client by spending as little as they can, inviting them to tea or a meal at the office premises is a very cost-effective method. This will also give them an opportunity to get a firsthand experience of the company with which they will be doing business. Select a good restaurant from your local area and get some of their best food delivered to your office, where you can talk business, right where you do business.

Don’t just go to the newest restaurant in town

This is a common mistake made by most managers when selecting a venue for a meeting. Talking about business affairs over a delicious meal in a serene atmosphere is always a good idea, but if the selected joint is a place where you’ve never been to before, you won’t be able to say for sure whether the food is actually good or if the atmosphere is ideal. Also, if the restaurant is new, much like you everyone else will be eager to visit it, meaning the place will be crowded and noisy which will discourage conversation and you will not get to interact with the buyers effectively. Therefore, it is always safer to select a place that you have been to before, so that you will be able to make recommendations for the customer on what food is best.