For adults, Christmas can be a great time to enjoy family and wind down the year. For children, though, is one of the more magical times of the year. This is why adding even a little bit more wonder to the holiday can really make it a lot more special for them. If you are feeling a bit tapped out as far as magical ideas are concerned, there’s no need to worry. You will find all of the fun tips and tricks that you can use, right here:

Reinforce the Idea of Santa

These days, it can seem like kids are growing up just a little too fast. A great way to help them maintain their innocence just a little longer is to reinforce the idea of Santa. Now, this can be a bit tricky to manage, depending on your home and where you live. So, if you don’t have a chimney, have your child make Santa a special key to enter your home at night. Also once they are asleep, get cut-outs of ‘Santa’s’ boots and reindeer hoofs. Then use sand to create outlines of these prints. Considering you live in Australia, the sand will seem a lot more believable than the snow.

Light Up the Inside of Your Home

Turn the ceiling of your home into a twinkling wonderland! Use affordable Christmas lights and string them on the ceiling of your hallways and all of the rooms in the house. If your little ones enjoy sleeping with night lights, you can do this in their room as well. The effect will be a cosy and glowing look that permeates throughout your home. In case you want to add to this, hang small snowflakes at various intervals among the lights. It will be something that your children can marvel at, every time that they look up at the ceiling.

Make Snacks for the Reindeer as Well

Leaving out snacks for Santa is an obvious staple but what about those poor reindeer? A fun Christmas activity will be letting your kids make snacks for these furry individuals as well. It can be as simple as cutting up carrots or, you can make a bit more of an effort. Try making bake-free oatmeal cookies or something with similar ingredients. Then, have your little ones write a note to Santa telling him exactly who the snacks are for.

Leave a Letter from Santa

Your kids have probably been writing letters to Santa for as long as they can remember. This is why it might be nice for him to be an active part of the correspondence. Leave your little ones a note from Santa either underneath the tree or where the snacks are. It is a great opportunity for you to provide them with some gentle guidance and advice. Of course, because it is coming straight from the great man himself, they are more likely to listen to it as well.

These are just some of the ways that you can add to the overall magic of Christmas. Your little ones are sure to love it – even if they don’t always know that it is coming from you.