Like it or not, Facebook is still the dominant social network today. The company has been through some downs thanks to the prevalence of fake news and politically unsavoury material on the site. Facebook’s recent scrutiny has not caused a mass customer walkout. On the contrary, the platform remains as popular as ever and is still one of the best places to place an ad. If you are marketing over social media, here are several top Facebook ad marketing tips to consider:

Focus on Quality Content, Not the Quantity

Before the backlash against misleading posts dominating the site, users fought against the amount of spam content on Facebook. The network’s response was to update its algorithm to filter out so-called “clickbait” articles. Overall, you can expect Facebook to promote high-quality content over the number of content articles. Hire a great social media agency Sydney to create top-notch, localised content as part of your strategy. Because hundreds of low-quality content won’t make the cut.

Use Instant Reply

Facebook has certainly become more business friendly in recent years. One of the biggest pro-business features is the instant reply. It’s a miniature form of customer service done very rapidly. If your brand sells to consumers, don’t forget to use instant reply preferably 24/7.

Adjust Headings on Facebook Pages

Did you know that you can change Facebook headings and ad headlines when promoting marketing material online? We already know that Facebook segments ads by certain categories. You can customise your brand’s message to different businesses by doing so. You will get more exposure in return for your efforts.

Tag Posts

Tagging is not exactly new on Facebook, but marketers have largely ignored it since it was introduced. Like on Instagram, tagging can make your brand more visible across the platform. A brand can certainly tag fans and followers without limiting the tags to other corporate friends.

Balance Promotional Content with Entertainment

It’s very important to keep in mind not to flood your Facebook profile with promotional or marketing content. Digital marketing experts promote adhering to the 80 to 20 rule. That is to say, the majority 80 percent of the content on your business profile must be non-promotional. Your brand can post genuinely entertaining and informative content here. Use the other 20 percent for the actual marketing. This balance will prevent your Facebook profile from appearing inauthentic or as just another company ad funnel.

Take Advantage of Facebook Live Video

Live videos on Facebook are gaining momentum like no other. This is definitely one of the most lucrative venues to promote your brand. Therefore, make sure your campaign strategy involved making videos. The survey data backs that Facebook users largely prefer live video over everything else. Therefore, your brand is not getting much exposure without live video.

All in all, when you run a Facebook campaign, align the objective with other online marketing campaigns you are running. Consistency will generate better results with the upgraded algorithms. While you implement the above tips, keep in mind that the Facebook algorithm would most likely change once more in coming months. Always be ready to change your campaign direction as new information becomes available.