Writing is a form of art. It is the art of expression through written words. Whether you are a mom, a student or a professional, writing can be your source of income if you have what it takes to write. You might be thinking about getting into the job for additional money and you do not exactly know what type of writing is for you as there are a lot of writing jobs available today. All you have to do is figure out which among them is your forte.

To help you get a start, here are some writing jobs that might help you know where your writing skill fits.

1.    Article/ Feature Writing

This is the most common form of writing which can be done for paper or digital printing. This is also the easiest and most common type of writing. It is the easiest as you will write topics that you are most comfortable with or knowledgeable about. You will write about things that you know too well and do a little experiment to come up with your desired output. The downside of this writing job is that it does not pay much. You can’t make this as your full-time job not unless you are an established writer.

2.    Copy/ Content Writing

Most businesses today have their own blogs or websites which needs content. The demand for content writers is booming and copywriting Geelong is just one such job you could consider. As a copywriter or content writer, your primary job is to write compelling content for your clients to help them establish and promote their products and services. It is your job to persuade whoever reads your work to buy or avail from the client you are working with.

3.    Blogging

Blogging can be categorized as a form of content writing, but nonetheless, it can also be known as a stand alone form of writing. Blogging is done by creating compelling posts for blogs and websites. You can also earn by creating and establishing your own blog site in order for people to come to you to advertise their products in your site. It is very important that you have unique and engaging blog posts to attract viewers. Moreover, the contents should be valuable and it has the capacity to reach out to the target audience.

4.    Social Media Content Creation

Almost everyonehasa social media account today and businessmen take advantage of this, bringing their businesses one step ahead through social media. Many of these businesses look for someone who can do the job for them, especially those who are not into social media. They look for an all-rounder – a writer and a social media manager that – to help them establish their business in social media.

5.    Editing

There are people who are good at writing but are not good atthe technical part so employers seek someone who can edit and improve their work. If you are someone who is grammar conscious and have an eye for mistakes, this job is perfect for you. You can edit and write at the same time too if you want an ‘extra’ income.

Who says writing is just for geeks? Gone are those days when writing providedan avenue for many people to maintain their living and can even provide them more than enough when maximized. You can always choose from being a part-time, full-timer or freelancer at that.