Running a brick and mortar retail store isn’t easy. Unlike with an online store, you have to worry about things like paying rent, managing employees and providing customers with a great in-store experience. In addition, you also have to worry about protecting your store from shoplifters and thieves as well.

Improving the security of your store is a challenge. Not only does thievery cost you in terms of products lost, it may also keep customers away out of concern for their own safety.

So what can you do to improve the security of your store? Here are some tips to help you get started:

Install Surveillance Systems

If you don’t have surveillance systems in your store, then you’re basically inviting shoplifters and thieves. Even though some robbers still take the risk, security systems still deter the large majority of them from setting foot in your door and at least going forward with their crime.

When installing security cameras you want to make sure that you cover each point of entry and each aisle. We highly recommend purchasing enough to cover every location, not leaving behind any blind spots. Once these are installed, don’t keep them out of sight either. We recommend putting up signs detailing the security measures that you have taken because you definitely want shoplifters and thieves to know that they’re being watched at all times.

You may also want to invest in motion detector sensors and alarm system that you can switch on at night, just before you leave the store.

Get Roller Shutters

If you’re just locking up a glass door at the end of the day and heading for home, you’re not really putting up a challenge for an experienced robber. The more effective thing to do is install a metal roller shutter door.

We highly recommend using these to cover all windows as well. You could even buy some DIY roller shutters and put them up yourself in order to save money. They’re strong, easy to maintain and essentially burglar-proof.

Provide Employee Training

Employees need be well aware of what to do when they’re faced with a security threat. They need to be informed on how to spot a shoplifter inside the store and how to confront one. Not only will this help to reduce the amount of thievery but also help to stop the situation from escalating. A poorly trained employee may confront a thief in an aggressive manner, leading to an unsafe hostile situation.

Don’t always assume that theft comes only from the outside. It’s quite common for employees to steal things too and they’re far more successful at it. Training can actually help deter employees from stealing. When you talk about how powerful the security system is and emphasize on the penalties that are enforced by law on shoplifters, any employees with malicious intents will be heavily discouraged.

If you don’t want to suffer major financial setbacks, then it’s imperative that you take measures to improve the security of your store. These 3 tips should help you get started.