Basic Supplies You Should Have in Your Face Painting Kit

Face painting is one of the best entertainment perfect for kids’ birthday parties, school parties, carnivals, and all other events for kids. Not only it is fun for kids but adults can also enjoy the beauty and fun of face painting. You could create a lot of designs on faces – from animals, cartoon characters, themed styles, and many more. Face painting definitely brings a uniquely fun experience perfect for everyone.

Whether you’re still a newbie face painter or already a pro, there are some supplies that must be present always in your face painting kit. Read along to learn more about the essentials you should buy.

Face Paints

One of the first face paint supplies you should have been a set of high-quality face paints to create your artworks. Water based paints are perfect for kids since it is easy to rinse off after the party plus it won’t leave stains on the child’s face. For pros, having a wide range of colours is helpful in creating more detailed designs. However, if you’re still practicing, you could start with black, white, and the 3 primary colours.


To create the details of your artwork, you’ll need a set of quality brushes with different thickness, lengths, and shape. There are plenty of brushes for face painting – from round, flat, angled, Filbert, and other specialty brushes. Each type also varies in size and thickness. Having several of each kind could really make your face painting a lot easier and better detailed.


Aside from brushes, you’ll also need a set of good sponges to apply paint on the skin more efficiently. If you need to apply face paint on a wider area, using a sponge would make it faster and easier than a brush. Aside from that, sponges can also be used to add texture on your design. This technique is perfect if you’re creating animal designs since a sponge can make it look more textured like a real fur.


Just like in regular painting, you’ll also need a bowl of water to keep your brushes and sponges clean before using on another colour. Washing tools before using on other colours helps prevent smudges and unusual colour blending on your paints. Warm water is the most effective since it washes off paint easily that room temperature water.

Face Paint Accessories

After creating your masterpiece, you could add some accessories to it and make it look more beautiful or realistic. There are plenty of accessories you could use in face painting such as glitter gels, glitter dust, and stencils to create more defined patterns. Have some of these accessories in your face painting kit and you’re ready to go.

With all of those basic supplies, you could now start your face painting adventure – whether it is for a party or just for fun. Be sure to have a spacious bag where you could put in all of your supplies, keep them organized and prevent the paints from spilling while you carry it around.

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