Best Australian Nextgen Towing Mirrors In 2021

Caravans, UTEs, and trucks are quite famous for having a vast variety of add-ons and modifications. All these accessories do make the vehicles more efficient and handier while adding a cooler look! Even though most people tend to focus on pricey accessories, simpler equipment can often add more value to your vehicle than you think. Extension mirrors and stabilizers are two of the most vital equipment that most caravan newbies, truckers, and off-roaders take for granted.

They can save you a lot of time, troubles as well as money if utilized correctly. In addition, it is required by law to have at least 2 rear-view mirrors. Most modern ones can make your ride look more awesome while enhancing the driving experience. However, it can be overwhelming to choose what fits you the best, simply because there is a vast range of good options out there. To make your life easier, here are the top next-gen extension mirror types and options that you can find in 2021!

Bracket style

Bracket style is the most common type of extension that you can find for off-road vehicles as well as caravans. One of the biggest drawbacks of most of these add-ons is that they lack the strength to withstand heavy loads as well as high speeds. If you drive fast or drive off-road, bracket-style will be the ideal option for you since they are fitted solidly and will have the ability to withstand heavy and sudden loads.

From the different types of towing mirrors, you can choose what fits your ride the most based on reviews, manufacturers’ details, and prices. It is always recommended by the pros to make your purchases through an authorized dealer, especially when you are interested in options from reputed brands, such as Jeep, Toyota, Volkswagen, or Ford.

Strap-on type

One of the common drawbacks of bracket-type options is that they are permanent and can mark your existing mirrors. If you are worried about that or, if you only want these extensions to be fitted during your adventures, strap-on type is your best bet. You will still have a wide variety of different designs to choose from and frankly, they can function as well as the bracket ones.

However, you will want to measure your wing mirror beforehand to ensure a perfect fit. Moreover, some people tend to have bad experiences when it comes to these accessories because they may wobble during high speeds or vibrations. However, if you are thorough with measurements and fit all the straps correctly, they will definitely fit well, without any hassle.

Stick-on type

Although they seem quite off when compared to other types of extensions, stick-on mirrors can be an excellent add-on to caravans as well as for most 4-wheel drive vehicles. They are more versatile than other types and can be more useful in situations that are more specific when driving a caravan! More importantly, they are cheaper than other options and you can easily find amazing deals online as well.

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