Business Casual Attire for Women

As working ladies, it is quite difficult to figure out what sort of clothes fall exactly under the category of business casual. This however varies according to the area you are from. It can also vary according to the company you work in. Business casual attire is usually a blend between business attire and casual wear. You need to find the right balance between the two.

Here are some tips to picking out the right kind of business casual outfits:

Business casual pants

Pants are surely the obvious choice for a business casual look. When you are shopping for pants, make sure you look for pairs of pants that fit you well, don’t have any frayed hems and are wrinkle free. It is best to stick to basic colours that you can match up with a variety of tops rather than going for bold and bright patterns that people are bound to remember. Make sure to also consider the season in which you would wear the pants. Opt for darker and thicker materials during the winter and light and bright materials for the summer.

Business casual blouses

If you want to add in a touch of colour to your outfit, then it is best to try that out with ladies business shirts. You can buy a wide variety of blouses of different patterns and designs and mix and match them with different pants and skirts. You can purchase some pastel tones, jewel tones, plaids and patterns. Go for some modest necklines that cover up your cleavage so your outfit is appropriate for the office. You can stick to short sleeves and cap sleeves during the warmer seasons and switch to blouses with longer sleeves when it starts to get colder.

Business casual skirts and dresses

The tops you choose to wear with those pants may look even better with a skirt on. Skirts are a fresh alternative to the common pairs of pants you see around the office. Stick to pencil, A-line or pleated designs for a classy look. Dresses are much easier to wear and you can easily accessorize them with a stylish scarf around your neck or a beautiful necklace.

Business casual blazers

More necessary during colder months, blazers are great to pair up with your blouse or your dress. They make you look more presentable in front of your client. To ensure that you can wear your blazer with your wide variety of outfits, stick to plain colours like beige, brown, black and grey.

Business casual sweaters

Sweaters are great to be worn as a top or on top of your blouse when it gets cold. Stick to sweaters that fit you properly and aren’t too baggy as that could make you look unprofessional. You can either wear a sweater that is up to your hip, or if it is longer, you can cinch it at the waist with a belt to make you look fashionable and fabulous.

When shopping for professional gear it is always best to stick to neutral colours. With this article you could pull of the right look that shows your professional and stylish side.

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