How To Choose the Right Water Truck?

In the construction and mining industries, the water truck also known as carts is a necessary machine. Dust from building and mining operations can be dangerous to workers’ and community members’ health. The water cart’s sprinkling characteristics make it ideal for dust control, compaction, and fire protection.

It comes in a range of sizes and styles. What type of water truck would you need for your operation is the big question? Check out our article about water cart licenses if you’re unsure whether you’ll need one to operate.

What kind of water truck are you looking for?

The sort of water truck you need is determined by the nature of your task and its demands.

Standard Water Trucks

The conventional water truck is built to transport enormous amounts of water. Water trucks usually have a lower capacity, carrying between 16,000 and 20,000 litres. Water trucks are commonly employed on mining and construction sites, and they can be utilized for dust control, fire protection, and general water transport thanks to their vast range of attachments.

Dino Water Trucks

Dinosaur water trucks, or Dino water trucks, are quite common in the agricultural and farming industries, especially in Western Australia. They are a straightforward option for transferring big amounts of water to locations with uneven or soft ground that are difficult to access.

Moxy Water Trucks

Moxy water trucks, which can pump out 1000L per min, are used in the mining and civil industries. Despite its average 34,000L size, their chassis provides the sturdiness required for mining locations’ uneven and rugged terrain.

Carts Attached to a Truck

Carts mounted on trucks are most typically found at mining sites, thanks to their custom-designed frame and off-road tyres, which provide excellent stability on rough terrain. Water trucks can haul up to 36,000L in one go, despite the fact that spraying capacities differ from vehicle to truck. The benefit of hiring a truck-mounted water cart is that it can also be driven as a licensed vehicle on the road.

Articulated Water Trucks

The articulated water truck is ideal for off-road applications in construction and agriculture. Its powerful motor and excellent level of balance make it ideal for cross-country journeys and hilly terrain. Articulated water trucks with capacities ranging from 6,000 to 10,250 litres.

Carts on Dump Trucks

Dump truck attached water carts are identical to truck attachedcarts in that they can drive as a licensed vehicle on the road. This water trolley has a lesser capacity (16,000L to 20,000L) than other water trucks like the Dino water truck because it is installed atop a dump truck.

Even if you are familiar with the many types of water trucks available for hiring, there are a few things you may do before contacting water cart rental firms. If you have the opportunity, visit the job site to ensure you understand what work needs to be done. Take photos to provide to subcontractors and speak with the project leader about the task at hand. If you provide this information while hiring a water cart, you will avoid complications later.

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