What good will befall you if you never change as a person? This is not only true for your inner self, but for your outer self as well. This is a universal truth which we all must obey. That’s why you need to strive to reinvent yourself- look in the mirror, have you been keeping this appearance up for the past 10 years? If you’re not bored with it, you probably have problems. That’s why you need to welcome the new!

You’re about to bring in some rejuvenation into your life. If not, you’ll fall into the trap of never trying to better yourself. I believe it’s healthy if we constantly keep on doing this, updating our former software, not sticking to our past. It not only boosts confidence but also promotes great mental health.  But how are you supposed to go on with this? Read on to find out how I can guide you through this transition.

It’s Time To Go Shopping

You could be one of those people that have constantly been wearing the same clothes for years- rarely buying anything new. Are you surprised I hit the nail on the head? This is a common practice that I see in many individuals which sounds quite unfortunate, I know. This is dangerous as you keep yourself grounded in a certain place in time, not allowing your outer experience to feel the joy of culture’s constant change. This is why you need to go out shopping and stop hoarding clothes! Throw them all away.

You need a closet adorned with fresh clothing that is not from a time long forgotten. You’ll be mesmerized by how drastically you look and feel. Don’t be afraid- It may be scary at first, but you’ll surely be able to embrace this change.  You’ll feel like a new you. Now you’ll feel as if your emotions are much clearer as you’re leaving behind an older, not so ‘updated’ version of yourself.

Accessories are important too. What are you doing carrying around a denim handbag that looks like it’s better off in a 2000’s hip hop music video? Don’t do that to yourself- buy some new accessories that will compliment your new clothes.

It’s Not Only About The New Clothes, You Know

If you want your look to be rejuvenated, it can’t only be done through the clothing. Yes, that will drastically help in your transition, but there’s only so much it can do. If you’re wondering what exactly these next steps are, don’t be scared. It’s none other than a makeover. Hurrah!

Go to the best hairdresser closest to you and let them work their wonders. Revel in the glory that is a new hairstyle. You’ll feel like a model and the only thing you’ll be missing now is the final must- makeup.

 You don’t need new makeup for this but look through the internet for tutorials on the newest trends in makeup application.

So, did you enjoy my advice? I’m excited for you!