Reasons Why India Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

India is a beautiful land that is filled with diversity and a lot of the time, it serves as a place where people would want to go and spend their holidays at. It offers a lot to the avid traveller that they cannot say no to. This is probably why it has become one of the most sought-after travel destinations around the world. However, if you are thinking of visiting this beautiful country of such tremendous diversity, you should also probably know what it has to offer you as this would help you plan out your holiday better. Here are some of these things that you can look forward to if you visit India.

Culture Overdose in A Great Way

India is a land that is filled with different communities. With so many states and each state filled with unique communities, each and every place that you go to will be a new experience that will help you understand the heritage and the beauty of this gorgeous land. From the language dialect spoken to the traditions, the attire, the customs, food, the Gods they choose to worship and so much more, each of the areas of India bring in a completely different flavour to their cultural diversity. To be able to witness these and get up close and personal with the people would be something that you can cherish forever.

Nature in All Its Beautiful Majesty

Another really amazing aspect of the country is its nature. You can do some really memorable tiger tours in India and get really up close to the beautiful fauna and flora that thrive there. You will also be able to see the different landscapes in the country. For example, you can travel across the smooth sand dunes in the deserts of Rajasthan and cool off along the hippie shorelines of happening Goa. You can immerse yourself in the colonial architecture of Pondicherry, travel to the snow covered mountain tops of Shimla and wander among the greenery of Ooty. You can take in a dose of the hearty lifestyle of Punjab and experience the chic modern life that Mumbai offers. There is just so much to see and feel here no matter where you go.

Food That Is Unique and Diverse

Another factor that cannot be ignored when you travel to India is the food that is available there. Just like how we spoke about the cultural and natural diversity, you can experience and take your taste buds on a mad tour of flavours based on where you are when you are dining. Because the country has so much diversity the food too is diverse. You can experience refine cuisine that draws influences from all over the world and you can stop by at a street vendor’s stall where they sell gol gappa a crispy fried shell that is filled with a potato and chick pea filled and then filled to the brim with a tangy tamarind or cooling mint water. You can taste an array of different foods that are unique to each community of this larger than life land.

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