Ways to Boost Your Local Ranking on Google Maps

As a business owner, one of the essential things you should focus into is to boost your sales through different marketing strategies. Marketing is a lot different now than it was many decades ago. Aside from traditional marketing, you also need to incorporate digital marketing campaigns to help you reach more potential customers who are present online. Almost every business today has invested improving their online presence. With so much competitors out there, you also need to employ better strategies to stand out among the rest.

Local SEO is one of the essential ways to attract more people around your area into your shop. It works like a targeted way of reaching more potential customers and is proven to boost brand recognition and conversions as well.

If you’re wondering how to boost your local rank on Google Maps, here are some of the proven and tested ways to do so.

Create Your Google My Business Account

Creating and optimizing your business profile is an essential step if you want to increase your visibility in the search results and even rank higher on Google Maps. When creating your Google My Business Account, be sure to put in all the essential information about your business so that potential customers can easily contact or learn about your brand. Be sure that your account is verified and have complete up-to-date information. When you have an account, be sure to respond to your customer reviews and post content from your business dashboard.

Voice Search Optimization

While it is not yet much popular these days, voice search is expected to grow and improve in the next years to come. It’s easier to find something by just speaking into your mobile device especially when you’re busy doing something than typing phrases. Since most likely people will be using long phrases when doing voice search, you have to adjust your voice SEO as well to fit this content.

Post Content Related to Local Issues

Creating content based on local issues is one of the best ways to grab more attention from potential clients. Since most of them are locals in your area, you could catch their concern regarding that local issue through your content. There are plenty of ways to do this – from blogs, videos, events, activities, and many more.

Enhance Your Local Keywords

If you want to boost your local visibility, you must also have the right keywords that are commonly used by locals around your area. You can get an idea about the best local keywords to use through Google’s keyword planner.

You could have a list of the most relevant keywords to use for your site. Aside from that, it is also best if you include local landmarks or hotspots near your business when creating keywords and content. When someone uses reference points while searching your site will most likely be on the results page.

Improving local SEO requires hard work. If you’re not sure where and how to start, it is best to hire experts in digital marketing strategies to take charge of this area.

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