Ways to Encourage Your Child to Play Outside

There are many things your child can do indoors such as playing games, reading a book, drawing, and many more. While all those activities are really good for their development, kids still need to go outside and play as well.

For some kids, simply telling them to just go out and play is already enough to get them going. However, it doesn’t work for all kids. Some kids that are already used to being indoors might find it more preferable to just play inside the house than explore outside. There are so many things your child can learn outdoors and it would be a waste to just let your little one miss it out.

If you have an indoor child who doesn’t really prefer to go and play outside, here are some ways to help encourage their love and interest for the outdoors.

Create a Fun Extension of Your Home

If your kid doesn’t really prefer to be out the yard, you could create a more fun extension of your home outside by building a cubby house or even an outdoor fort so they could experience outdoors even while playing with their regular indoor toys. It is a good starting point to get your kids learn to love and appreciate the fun outdoors.

Spend Outdoor Time as a Family

When your child isn’t that much interested in playing outdoors, most likely they also see that you spend most of your time indoors. Schedule some time for the whole family to do some activity outdoor, whether it is playing a game, having some barbecue afternoon, watching the night sky, and many more interesting outdoor activities.

Add a Play Feature

Your child won’t feel interested to go out if there is actually nothing interesting to go to in your yard. Another way to make them feel excited to play outside is by adding a play feature in your backyard. There are plenty of different kids outdoor play sets to choose from if you want to create a more fun and exciting backyard for your child – from swing sets, sandboxes, play houses, and many more.

Make it More Social

Some kids don’t find it interesting to play outside alone. To get your child’s interest, make his outdoor time more interesting instead by inviting his friends over. Just having someone to play with may already be a perfect incentive for your child to get more excited to go out of the house and play.

Let Them Play with Water

Kids definitely love playing with water no matter how young or old they are. If you’re out of fun things to do outdoors, you could just let the kids play with water and they would surely have lots of fun. Whether they splash it, pour, or do whatever with water, you can be sure that they will have a good time even in the simplest way.

Encouraging your child to play outdoors can be a lot of work. However, all your efforts are worth it with so many benefits outdoor play can bring to your child.