Just like any professional that you would fish around for to enlist them in some kind of service, a good building inspector is no different. You need to do your research, listen to some recommendations, and look at the years of experience in the trade and much more. Let us look at some important points to consider when looking to hire the services of a building inspector.


Yes, they do matter, you need to have at least a brief idea of how qualified your professional is. A qualified building inspector should be able to identify defects and flaws invisible to the untrained eye. If you can evaluate on the same level as your building inspector then you probably went for the wrong “professional.” An inspector can be a number of things like a licensed architect, surveyor or a veteran with experience. Experience counts a lot as it would mean that these professionals are capable of assessing a wide range of properties and would be very familiar with what is the expected standard for each category of building or property.

Building and Pest Inspector?

Can your inspector be both? Possibly. If you manage to get hold of a skilled inspector at least. House bugs and termites are common in Australian households. Adelaide is no exception as a city to these bugs. As a result, Building inspectors in Adelaide are equipped to provide their customers with these services. Their routine in brief would be closely studying the building shells, internal walls, various fixtures and such. There would be a sharp eye out for any termite activity, as this could be disastrous in the long run. Wooden structural elements would be thoroughly checked for any defects in structural integrity and tested to see if it is high calibre wood with an extended longevity.

Tools Used For Inspection

Any professional building inspector will have the right tools to do his job as efficiently as possible. If your hired inspector has the right tools in the shed as they say, it would be a very good indication of the quality of service provided. These tools would not damage any part of your property and are simply used for measurements and evaluations. One important tool would be thermal cameras which are very useful in indicating the presence of any unwelcome pests. Termites give off a unique heat signature which can easily be identified by thermal cameras.

Photographic and Video Evidence

This would provide you the customer with a very graphical piece of documentation and though the standard does not make this mandatory it is quite useful when your building inspector provides you with visual proof of any findings along with the time he found it. Real estate agents and renovators might not particularly like this but they would have a very poor argument if they choose to oppose it. After all, why be scared when you have nothing to hide. If you cannot attend the full inspection yourself, then this is a very valuable alternative.