Diamond core drilling is a technique which was used initially by Egyptians around three thousand years ago. The material which is extracted by this drilling process is called the “core” and this is how the name itself originated. Diamond cutters were found to be particularly effective against materials like cement. Through the years with the advancement of technology this drilling practice has been proven to be useful in an array of applications. Let’s dive into some shall we!

Mineral Exploration

The field of Mineral exploration has greatly adopted the method of diamond core drilling due to the fact that it would give some valuable insight into the real-time analysis of the decomposition of the rock you are drilling on. This would give the driller an idea of what exactly they would be drilling into. From a scientific point of work, geologists can collect samples in a very short period of time and assist in any research and geological mapping.

Structural Strength Analysis

Construction professionals often evaluate the integrity of their walls. The risk is great, as only professionals know who to check on structural integrity. If the structural strength is found out to be insufficient, the contractor can mix his cement and improve its solidarity. Diamond core drills are able to give multiple samples to check on the structural integrity, this reduces the probability of having a weak wall around your residence as this can be a major safety hazard. Core sizes of the drill may vary as per your operation so it would be prudent to use the optimum drill size for the right operation. If brand new drills are expensive to come by then you could find a good second-hand diamond core drill for sale in hardware stores.

What to Consider When Purchasing One

As any contractor would love to have this piece of equipment as a tool for their work, there are a few important things to consider when purchasing these drills. First and foremost, you would have to look at how the drill is powered. These drills are usually powered by three different types of power output which are electric, air and hydraulic. Further to this, there is the diamond “bit” or more specifically the hardness of it. You want your drill to fully function at the range and depth you require it to. For it to do so, you need to find the optimum drill bit. Diamond core drills usually dig deeper than conventional drills and should therefore be more sturdy comparatively anyway. These drills require a certain level of skill and can’t be just operated by anyone as it would prove to be dangerous if not handled with care and skill. Experience comes into play when using this piece of equipment. As a construction company for example, you would want your best workers to be trained alongside difficult conditions with the help of this tool. The benefits of this drilling technique are quite considerable as mentioned before, provided you know how to use it.