Basics Covered in an Order Picker Training Programme

Efficiency is instrumental to warehouse logistics. There are many professionals that work in these environments and in this article, we are focusing on order pickers. An order picker license is also called an LO license and we will be going through some of the basics covered in the order picker training programme below.

The order picker licence is different from the forklift license and this is a certification that is designed for those that operate order pickers in high level racking systems. There are many challenges related to this job and proper training and expertise is required to work in elevated spaces safely. An essential aspect of the order picker training is safety protocols and regulations. Safety is prioritised especially when you are operating equipment at elevated levels. And therefore, you will learn about safety protocols and which regulations are specific to this use of this machinery. The load capacity limit of the order picker you are operating is an important factor to know. You will also learn why it is so important to wear personal protective equipment. Fall protection measures and emergencyprocedures will be covered in this. There are specific controls and features for order pickers compared to what you will find in traditional forklifts. The training programme will introduce the equipment to the students and ensure that they are familiar with it. Some of the things included here will be steering controls, emergency systems and how to operate the lifting platform.

There are basic operational skills needed

To become proficient at the use of order pickers and this includes accurately positioning the lifting platform, manoeuvring the order picker with precision and navigating narrow aisles with efficiency. The movement and speed of the order pickers can be controlled once you receive practical training and this will help you learn how to minimise accidents or the risk of collisions. A critical task of order picker operations is efficient load handling. During training, the students will learn the correct techniques to safely pick and pack orders at a height. To do this, they need to understand the proper methods for stacking, load stability and how to secure loads when they are being transported. It is very important that you maintain balance and stability when handling loads at different heights.

Order pickers can access high level racking systems and operate within them.

These systems are generally found in warehouses. With training, you will learn how to navigate these complex vertical spaces. You have to consider the changes in elevation and the aisle width when you are operating the order picker. Also, there will be other structures and equipment in your vicinity so you should always be aware of these. These are some of the challenges that will be addressed in order picker training. You will also be taught emergency procedures and evacuation. In case of power failures, sudden challenges in operations and equipment malfunctions, you should know what to do and the instructors will go through how you can handle these scenarios safely. You will learn how to lower the platform safely and exit the equipment so that you can quickly respond to an emergency.