How to Use Elf Medical Props to Create a Playful Scene

There are hundreds of themes for elf décor that you can find online. One of the themes you can have is a medical scene complete with tiny medical props. There are so many creative ways to use medical props and in this article, we will give a few examples of how you can do it.

You can use the elf medical props to create an elf-first aid station. You can have this scene located near your own medicine cabinet in the house. There are tiny carts and small tables you can find online and some of the props you can place in them will be tiny bottles of medicine, mini gauze rolls, elf-sized bandages etc. You can also have a sign that says Elf first aid station with a cross so that the scene can be complete. In the medical scene, you can have elf nurse figurines in different poses as the medical team. These figurines will be wearing the nurse attire and they will be holding different types of miniature medical accessories. You can even create a step by step scenery from where an elf falls from a ladder where he was decorating a gingerbread house to where he is taken into an ambulance ending from the scene where he is surrounded by nurses. This can be a great way to tell a story to your children using different scenes.

The ambulance scene can be created using toy vehicles you have at home.

You can modify the toy so that it has a label saying ambulance or you can even purchase a tiny ambulance online. There can be two elf paramedics taking the injured elf on a stretcher to the ambulance. The hospital scene can be further broadened by adding more beds and patients so that a busy hospital atmosphere can be created. There are online stores where you can purchase elf-sized medical tools. You can buy tiny syringes, stethoscopes, thermometers etc. and these can be placed strategically to create a scene where an injured elf is seen by a tiny lf doctor. The elf doctor can be in a doctor coat and a Santa hat to add a bit of whimsy. You can have them placed near a mini medical cart with tiny jars and bottles.

Look for additional details to make

The scene more realistic by adding an elf medical chart or clipboard. These can be written with tiny details and treatments for the elves. There are many labels that can be customised for the medicine bottles and you can come up with fun names for it like Holiday Elixir, Cheer Pill etc. These can be arranged on a shelf and the visitors to the shelf can read these and have a bit of a laugh. You can also create get well cards with an elf theme and have them placed near the hospital beds. These can have some cheeky messages as well. A physical therapy scene can also be created using the elves and tiny exercise equipment. There can be miniature weights and an elf in a playful pose on the physiotherapy bed with the doctor nearby. There can even be an elf anatomy chart on the wall.