Signs to Clean Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Range Hood

Commercial kitchens are heavily used and there can be a lot of grease, smoke and odours accumulated in the area. To ensure a safe workplace for the workers and a comfortable dining experience for the guests, you need to ensure that the kitchen exhaust range hood is maintained properly.

You can visit to get an idea of the services provided with regard to residential and commercial kitchen cleaning. You should also have a good idea of when to call a kitchen exhaust range hood cleaning team. One of the ways you can tell this is by checking whether the interior surfaces of the hood show a thick layer of grease. When there is visible build-up of grease, it is time to carry out cleaning. The interior surfaces of the exhaust range hood include the exhaust fans, baffle filters etc. Debris and grease can block the exhaust range hood and this will reduce the airflow coming from it. It is difficult for the exhaust system to receive smoke with it is clogged and this will contribute to smoke, heat and odours to accumulate in the kitchen without being removed. This will bring down the working conditions of the kitchen and the dining experience for customers will also be unpleasant.

If you notice

That cooking odours persist a long time even after the meal has been prepared and served, the exhaust range hood is not doing its job properly. If it is functioning properly, the cooking odours will be quickly removed so that the air in the kitchen smells fresh. A properly maintained and cleaned exhaust range hood will also contribute to the temperature regulation inside the kitchen. This is done by removing the excess heat in the kitchen. When the system is clogged, it can lead to an increase of temperature in the kitchen creating uncomfortable working conditions. Sometimes you will hear loud sounds coming from the exhaust fan that is unusual from its original working condition. This is generated when there is a thick layer of grease built-up on the fan blades. Sometimes the fan motor will have a hard time working. By ensuring proper maintenance, you can prevent issues such as this.

If you have received frequent fire code violations,

Then it is definitely time to carry out a thorough cleaning of the exhaust range hood. This can be due to issues in the exhaust system or build-up of grease. You have to improve your cleaning routine if you are cited for violations as this can contribute to a fire hazard. You will also need to pay fines if you don’t address the violations. The smoke produced in the commercial kitchen will be removed by the exhaust range hood but if you notice that smoke is lingering in the kitchen, this can be a sign that the exhaust system is not working properly. This can be due to grease and debris building up in the system. Sometimes the smoke can also spread beyond the cooking area.