Services Provided by a 3PL Company

3PL or third party logistics providers offer many specialised services and these are very useful when it comes to managing logistics and distribution operations. By understanding how these companies can help optimise your supply chain, you can pinpoint which services are crucial for your business.

One of the core services provided by 3PL logistics Melbourne is transportation management. These companies have a network of transportation resources and carriers that can be utilised in order to move goods acorns the country and the world. Some of the services handled by a 3PL company with regard to this are optimising the route, selecting the ideal carrier for your business and freight forwarding. They will make sure that goods are delivered to the destination on time and in good condition. If you have a large volume of shipments to carry out, it can be convenient to outsource this to a 3PL company so that you can focus more on management of the company and its expansion. But you need to note that customer satisfaction and the reputation of your company hinges on the timely delivery of goods and those goods being in optimal condition. This is why it is so important to research thoroughly and choose a reliable 3PL company

In addition to transportation,

3PL companies also offer warehousing and distribution services. They will store inventory according to the specifications you set and will manage stock levels. You will be notified if stock is low for certain products and they will also fulfil customer orders. You don’t need to build your own storage when you can outsource warehousing and this will also improve the accuracy of your inventory management. There are many benefits of outsourcing your warehousing to a 3PL company and this can also lead to better customer satisfaction as the orders will be processed faster given their technology and experienced staff. This can be incredibly convenient when it comes to peak seasons. You can choose a company that offers flexible warehousing solutions so that you can store more items during the peak season.

To achieve customer satisfaction, you need to have timely order fulfilment.

And there should be high accuracy in this. 3PL companies offer order fulfilment services such as picking the products, packing them in the way you have specified and shipping them to the destination. There will have streamlined process to improve the efficiency of the order management systems and this will help with getting your products dispatched quickly. Some 3PL companies will also be able to offer one day delivery or next day delivery services because of this. Inventory management is very important as this can prevent going out of stock or overstocking. This is managed due to real-time tracking and reporting of inventory. You will gain more visibility into the supply chain so that you can make a decision on when to send more stock. You can also optimise inventory as a result of this which can lead to more cost savings. There are also many value added services offered by a 3PL company such as labelling the products, kitting and assembly, managing returns, inspecting quality control and customising products.