Tips in Choosing the Best Portable Toilet for Your Event

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, a restroom for your guests is one of the essential facilities you should have. Your guests will need a clean restroom nearby they could use throughout the event so they won’t go far out looking for a toilet.

The number of toilets you’ll need depends on the number of guests you will be expecting. If you’re expecting a lot of attendees, you’ll need more toilets so that they won’t be standing in long queues while waiting for their turn to use the restroom. It would be better too if you add some extra features such as a diaper changing station to cater to guests who need this.

There are plenty of things you need to consider when choosing a portable toilet for your event. To help you out, here are the basic factors you should take into account.

Guest Number

First of all, you have to create a final list of the people who will attend the event to determine how many guests you’ll be expecting. You could also split them according to gender to know the ratio of toilets you’re going to hire. For instance, if you’re expecting more women than men to attend the event, then you’ll need more toilets that are designed for women. This is important when choosing the ratio for portable toilet blocks available for hire.


Aside from the number of toilets, placement is also another important factor to consider for your toilet hire. It will all go to waste if you have hired many units but don’t have enough space to place them all. Before you go hiring toilet units, do a site tour first to know the best spot to put portable toilets. Be sure that the site you’ve chosen has a firm ground to prevent sinking or any other foundation issues. Also, see to it that it is accessible to the trucks that will carry the units into the venue. Choose a spot that is not too far from your event for the convenience of your guests.

Type of Event

The type of portable toilet you should hire also depends on the type of event you’re hosting. For instance, if you only need to provide basic restroom facilities to the people, a regular toilet block would do. However, for special occasions such as weddings, you might want to make the restrooms more comfortable to use and with more amenities as well such as hot water and separate hand washing facilities. That way, your guests will have a pleasant experience in your event especially when it comes to relieving their toilet needs.

When choosing a portable toilet for hire, you also need to consider the company where you’ll rent the units. Shop around and pick the best companies that offer the best deals for you. Be sure that they offer complete services such as cleaning and maintenance to make the most of your investment.

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